Points to consider when hiring an Attorney

Experience is the first thing to consider before hiring an attorney. You don’t need to hire the one who is working from the last decade, instead go for the one who has experience in the same field, which resembles to your case. The lawyers who already has solved a similar type of case can be hired but not in a hurry.

  1. Make a list of some specified lawyers.
  2. Investigate them.
  3. Try to know more about the type of cases they have been fighting for.
  4. Contact some of your friends or neighbor who know that lawyer. Figure out the pros and cons about him.

Try to know more about their studies. How were they back then and what can they do now? Before choosing one, meet or contact them from the list.


When you contact one from the list, ask them to meet you once free of charge and tell them that you will decide later about hiring. If not, then ask him how much it costs for consultation. Do not involve in a long talk. The maximum time that most Attorney’s will allow for a consultation, is one hour.

From the list, try another one whom you think is good for you. Do the same what you did with the previous one. Do not forget to note down some key words before meeting them, some of them might ask you about the papers to review.

Do not forget that the age of the lawyer has nothing to do with his ability of helping you out. Some lawyers who have been practicing from the last 30 years may have less experience than the guy who passed out his law school two years back. Ask him about that every small thing with which you are not familiar. Ask him what are the points that he is going to prove out there? How long he can take your case? What will be the consequences?

In case, the lawyer is not going to handle your case personally, then its time to move on and try finding a better one. Try not to involve them much in your life or business.


The things, which you need to carry while visiting them, are the ones, which are needed in the case. Like:

  • A list of questions, which you want to ask to the lawyer.
  • A handbook or a small notebook.
  • Pen/pencils.
  • All the notices, which you have received till date.
  • Remember to ask them some questions, which decide the reflection of that lawyer. They might fill your mind with irony, don’t go with their ironclad promises. Some of the main points, which you should keep in consideration, are:
  • Tell them to explain the points to you, which can strengths or weaknesses, your case. This will depend upon the lawyers experience.
  • Ask the attorney about the fee. Will the attorney work out a written fee agreement with you?

The last and of one the most important point, Observe how the lawyer responds to your queries. Are you satisfied with his explanations? Ask yourself.

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